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Berkeley Public Library

Berkeley Reads
Berkeley Public Library
1125 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: (510) 981-6299
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About Berkeley READS

We are the adult and family literacy program of the Berkeley Public Library.  We provide free reading and writing help for eligible adults age 16+ years, at 8th grade reading level or below.

  • Staff and tutors provide direct-client adult literacy services to learners and families through one-on-one and small group instruction in reading, writing, math, & computers
  • We also provide GED classes; family, health and cultural arts literacy; as well as adult learner leadership training. presenters and their awards

Adult Literacy Services:

  • One-on-one :  Students are matched with volunteer tutors, and meet once or twice a week.  Free instructional materials are provided.         
  • Scheduled Drop-in:  Tutoring for students waiting to be matched with a permanent tutor or who need extra help. Off-site tutoring at partner social service agencies available.
  • Computer Learning Lab:  Software and online resources available to students to practice typing, spelling, grammar, math and other skills.
  • Small group instruction:  as needed subjects.
  • Book Club/Reading Circle:  Encouraging reading enjoyment for literacy learners. hosea wilhelm Terhas

A Few Learner Accomplishments:

  • Simret recently got a job at Ben and Jerry's .
  • Birikiti assis ted her mother in applying for US citizenship.  She feels very confident in the skills she needed to do this gained while working with her tutor, Laura
  • Tyrone graduated as a Peer Mentor from the 1-year Options Program, and continues to mentor other program attendees.

Family Literacy

  • Family learning activities:  Students with children under 5 years old attend monthly story times, parent literacy workshops and receive free children’s books.
  • Outreach story visits:  Volunteer-conducted monthly outreach story visits, parent skill-building/early literacy/library resource workshops, and book distributions at local programs.

Adult Learner Leadership

  • Literacy students build goal setting, oral and written communication, advocacy, and networking skills, including an opportunity to participate in the annual Adult Learner Leadership Institute (ALLI) and VALUE USA as keynote speakers, learner testimonial presenters, panelists and library literacy advocates.

Cultural Arts Literacy

  • Brings art and culture into students’ lives through field trips to museums, historical sites, and special events where students experience literacy through art and history. 

Health Literacy

  • Offered twice a month, students attend hands-on information sessions/demonstrations of health topics and recipes. ???????????????

Contact Us:

Program Office (West Branch)

1125 University Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94702

510 981-6299

West Branch Drop-In/Computer Lab Tutoring

Monday        10-6

Tuesday       10-6

Wednesday  10-6

Thursday     12-8

Friday          10-6

Central Branch Drop-In/Computer Lab Tutoring  Kristin and learner Anthony

Tuesday       12:30-4:30

3rd Floor Electronic Classroom (Central Branch)

2090 Kittredge Street

Berkeley, CA 94704

510 981-6245